Area Hikes

Rome, 663 feet

  • Directions: From the stop sign in front of the inn, turn right onto Route 27 north. Watch for and turn on to “Mountain Drive” on the right, 1 mile. The sign indicates that it’s a private road, but that’s not until after you pass the trailhead and parking area, 100 yards up on the left.
  • Drive time: 2-3 minutes
  • Duration: 30 minutes to summit
  • Intensity: easy
  • Views: There are two marked hiking loops; one views Long Pond, the other views Great Pond.

Rome (North)

  • Directions: Turn right onto Route 27 North. Go 1.2 miles past the junction of Route 225; watch for Watson Pond Road on the left (with signs for Rome Strawberry Patch). Turn left onto Watson Pond Road, and the trail is 7/10 of a mile, on the left (1/2 mile past the Strawberry Patch). (From Castle Island Road, the other direction, go 2.8 miles past Blueberry Hill; trail is on right.)
  • Drive time: 8 –10 minutes
  • Duration: 10 to 20 minutes to summit
  • Intensity: easy
  • Views: Whittier Pond, Long Pond, the village, Great Pond

Rome (South)

Directions: Turn left onto Route 27 South; bear right at the fork onto West Road (Sunset Grille is on right); turn right onto Castle Hill Road at the stop sign; turn right onto Castle Island Road and next intersection. Watch on the right for the Blueberry Hill sign. Views of Long Pond, the village.
Drive time: 10 minutes
Duration: n/a
Intensity: n/a; scenic overlook, rather than a hike
Views: Long Pond, the village

Rome, Vienna, New Sharon, Mt. Vernon

  • 6500+ acres, conservation land; trails throughout
  • Directions: See us for a map if you’re interested.
  • Drive time: about 10 minutes or so, depending on where you choose to head.
  • Duration: anywhere from about 1 hour to 3 hours +
  • Intensity: moderate
  • Views: wide-ranging; all the local ponds & towns, as well as distant points

Rome, 755 feet

  • Directions: Turn right onto Route 27 North. Several miles up, at the junction of Route 225, make a right. 1.1 mile past the Community Center (on the left), watch for a turn-out opposite a camp road labeled “Hemlock Trail/Bradley”. Park there and walk about 700 feet further; the trail goes straight up the bank right next to a yellow highway sign showing a curve and a side road.
  • Drive time: 5-6 minutes
  • Duration: about 20 minutes to summit
  • Intensity: moderate
  • Views: Great Pond

Winthrop, 809 feet

  • Directions: Turn left onto Route 27 South. At the blinking yellow light (about 5 miles), turn right onto Route 135. At the “end” of Route 135 (about 8 miles), turn right onto Route 17, then left onto Route 135 (about ½ mile later). Make a right onto Route 202 at the junction about 4 miles later. About 3 miles along Route 202, make a right onto Route 41/133, then bear left onto 133 when it forks away about 1 mile further. About 1 ½ miles further on 133, turn left on Fairbanks Road. Follow Fairbanks 3.2 miles and turn left at T intersection. Go past the little beach and boat ramp on Wilson Pond; it’s 6/10 of a mile to the red Forest Service building at the trailhead.
  • Drive time: 35 minutes
  • Duration: 1 mile to fire tower at summit; about 30 minutes
  • Intensity: moderate
  • Views: from fire tower, 360 view of all the local lakes, Camden Hills & White Mountains

All information is to the best of our knowledge, based on local resources; some reference points may change over time.