Contact Us and Directions

Wings Hill Inn is located in the village of Belgrade Lakes, Maine, about 18 miles north of Augusta on state route 27. We are equidistant to Waterville, to our north.

Just north of Portland on Route 95, take Route 295 North (Exit 52*), toward Freeport. Follow 295 for just about an hour; it will merge with Route 95 just south of Augusta. Take Exit 112B off of 95, which is for Route 27 North (sign indicates Belgrade). The inn is on Route 27, at the corner of Dry Point Drive, approximately 15 miles north of the junction of 95.

Details: You’ll know you’ve reached the village of Belgrade Lakes when the speed limit drops to 35, and then immediately to 25 mph. When you pass the Village Inn on the right and Day’s Country Store on the left, you’re almost there. Go over the small bridge at the dam that connects the two lakes, and we’re the second drive on the right. We’re at the corner of Dry Point Drive and Route 27. The inn has a white fence and sign at the road.

*If you miss the off ramp for Route 295, you can continue on 95N; Route 295 will simply save you about 20 minutes of drive time as well as toll money, compared to remaining on Route 95 N for the entire duration.

Via Waterville

Take Route 95 South approx. 56 miles to Exit 127 (Routes 11/137, Waterville/Oakland.) Make a right toward Oakland, onto Kennedy Memorial Drive. Follow directions from Waterville. Drive time: about 1 hr, 20 minutes

Kennedy Memorial Drive

Take Kennedy Memorial Drive (Route 11/137) west toward Oakland and across Route 95. At the base of the hill, at the multidirectional intersection at the traffic light, turn left (between Rite Aid pharmacy and Oakland Furniture), onto Route 11 in Oakland (Main Street/Church Street). Pass through the downtown area, and follow the curve of the road to the right, past Vigues Furniture Refinishing on the right.

Continue on Route 11 for about 7 miles, then stay to the left when you reach the junction of Route 8. (The sign will indicate that North Belgrade is to the right.) You are now heading south, on Route 8/11.

Approximately 4 miles later, make a right onto Route 135. Route 135 intersects Route 27 within a half mile, at a blinking red light. Christie’s/Irving Gas Station will be on your left, and Belgrade Town Office straight across the intersection.

Turn right onto Route 27; the village of Belgrade Lakes is about 5 miles north. Follow the “detail” directions above from Portland and points south to locate the inn on Route 27.

Drive time: 25 – 30 minutes

New Sharon

Follow Route 2 to New Sharon; turn off right onto Route 27 South. Continue past the junction of Route 225. Go 2-3 miles further, past the point where the speed limit drops to 25 mph.

Wings Hill Inn is on the left, just a few hundred feet past the yellow sign with the blinking light that says, “Speed Too Fast for Curve”. Look for Drypoint Drive on the left once you pass the yellow sign; you’ll also see our white fence, and our sign at the side of the road. If you reach the dam, Day’s Store or the Village Inn, you’ve gone just past us.
Drive time: 20 – 25 minutes

Follow Route 2 into Maine to Farmington. Follow the directions above from Farmington.

Our physical location is 9 Dry Point Drive, Rome, Maine.