Receive Affordable Florida Home Insurance Online

Everyone must figure out how to find affordable home insurance quotes. This is fairly easy if you know what you are doing. By following these tips you are well on your way to receiving affordable quotes.

What Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover?

If you are looking at purchasing a standard policy, you must know what the policy will cover. A standard policy will help protect your house and your belongings if the unexpected occurs. According to these policies will include 4 main types of protection. These types of protection are Dwelling, Personal Property, and Liability Coverage.

Dwelling: This will protect your home if it is damaged by fire, wind, smoke, lightning, and hail. It is also important to note that flooding will not be covered by your policy.

Personal Property: This will cover the property inside your home. For example, this will include furniture, electronics, and your clothing.

Other Structures: This will cover structures located on your property. For example, a shed, detached garage, and a fence.

Liability Coverage: accidents will happen no matter how careful you are. Liability coverage will help you pay for costs that result from someone being injured or someone’s property being damaged. For example, medical bills or an injured party’s lost wages.

Where Can I Find Affordable Coverage?

The first step when it comes to finding affordable Florida homeowners insurance coverage is to collect quotes. Collecting and comparing home insurance quotes is the only way to receive the best rate.

Let’s not jump ahead though. Before collecting quotes, you need to determine how much coverage you want and your budget. A key point to keep in mind is it’s better to have more than enough coverage than not enough.

The best home insurance quotes can be found online at If you want to receive the fastest quotes on the web, they are the place for you. Experience hassle-free quotes at your fingertips. By collecting quotes from them, you will be able to receive quotes from all multiple companies. Don’t wait, we promise you will receive the best rates for homeowners at Florida Insurance Quotes.

What Is Florida Boat Insurance?

Wind in your hair, the sea beneath your feet, the coast just miles away, and you are chasing the sunset. Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. Just as there is life insurance, health insurance and home insurance, there are many companies that offer boat insurance as well. Protecting your boat should be just as important and as easy as protecting your home.

Don’t waste any more time or money on makeshift companies that will scam you out of your money and give you a false quote. Choose Florida Boat Insurance at and get your boat covered now.

Don’t Get Boated Out

Most people have actually never heard of boat coverage or anything of the like. Florida Boat Insurance has been around since 1911 and has helped people rest easy while their boat is docked. This company can protect your vessel and you from vandalism, accidents, theft and personal liability. Even if you are only a prospective buyer or currently own a yacht, boat, sailboat or personal watercraft, any local Florida Agent can give you the right Florida Boat Insurance policy at the right price. You don’t have to call in for a quote if you don’t want to, go online or do it by phone, it’s as easy as dialing the numbers.

What is the Purpose of Boat Insurance?

Anyone knows accidents happen; so most boat policies cover furnishings, hull sail damage, and most other equipment including machinery. Even vandalism, collision, sinking and mischief can be covered as well. Damage to any boat is expensive and Florida boat coverage from is there to make sure your pocket does not dry out. Insurance needs to vary by age, type and value of your watercraft or boat. Your policy can be explained in detail what can be covered and what is excluded.

What About Liability?

Like any moving machine, boats cause damage, just as cars do, to anything around them. With Florida Boat Insurance, you can be insured against liability losses. Any damage you inflict upon another boat, sailboat, yacht, dock, or personal watercraft can be covered. They even cover any harm, like bodily injury or death, to any other person while the machine was being operated. With most boat policies, the boat trailer can be protected from damage or physical loss from any external use.

Boat policies also offer additional coverage that you can purchase such as:

  • Personal property coverage
  • Injury to you caused by an uninsured boater
  • Fishing equipment coverage

Bow riders, cuddy cabins, center consoles, ski boats, walk arounds, jet boats, pontoons,  sailboats, PWC’s,  commercial vessels, private pleasure craft, bass boats, commercial fishing, cargo and charter international risks boats can be covered by Florida Boat Insurance.

Even when you are not sailing, if you have physical damage (comprehensive and collision) it will be covered. For when your boat is not in the water, only Liability, and Uninsured Motorist and Medical Payments will be covered. Ever heard, “don’t worry, we’ve got you covered,” if you have, then don’t worry, has got you covered since 1991.

Florida Auto Insurance and What You Should Know

Florida is a state with an abundance of sunshine–and auto insurance companies. It’s known for having some of the lowest insurance coverage minimums in the U.S. But there can be a big difference between companies not only in price, but in adequate coverage and customer service.

Florida is a no-fault insurance state: This means that regardless of who caused the accident, your insurance will cover your medical expenses up to the policy’s limit.

Florida no-fault auto insurance not only carries Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, it will also cover loss of income due to a car accident.

PIP also covers your child, while in your car or on a school bus; other family members; passengers who don’t have PIP; you, if involved in an accident involving a pedestrian or cyclist. 

In Florida, you also need Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage, in case a house or other property is damaged. Minimums for PIP and PDL are both $10,000 according to

How Do Prices Compare? states, “When it comes to cheap auto insurance, Florida companies offer some of the best deals.”  

Insurance companies abound in Florida and an internet or yellow pages search will give you a huge amount of choices. While smaller companies may offer cheaper policies, big companies can be more reliable. 

According to,” Florida ranked 29th cheapest by state.”  They found a whopping 255% price difference between states. 

What’s the reason for such a huge difference? Dailyfinance states, “The primary one is uninsured motorists. In states with  a lot of uninsured motorists, the insured must kick more money into the pool to cover the uninsured motorists.

Statistics from 2007 showed Florida as #5 in the nation, with 23%–nearly a quarter–of motorists that are uninsured.

What Are the Downsides?

Florida is notorious for its bad traffic, rude drivers, and hurricanes.

People blow through stop signs and red lights. Traffic backups are common, especially during the tourist season. 

Be aware that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) will be notified electronically  by your carrier if your coverage expires or is revoked. DHSMV will contact you, and if you can’t prove you’re covered, they will suspend your license, plates, and registration. So don’t think Big Brother doesn’t know if you let your insurance payment lapse.

How Can I Save?

The best way to keep auto insurance rates low is to keep your driving record clean. Florida Insurance Quotes here offers substantial discounts to safe drivers.

The second best way is to shop around: You can save up to half off on car insurance by shopping around. Periodically call your insurance company to see if there’s a lower rate available, especially if you’ve recently dropped points off your record.

Check with the company, not the agent when doing this. Get a written statement so you can prove it. If going through your agent, have them ask the company, and get it in writing.

Combining coverage is another way to save. You may qualify for multi-car discounts if you or your family have more than one vehicle. Also, having your house and car insurance with the same provider can qualify you for a discount.

If you live in a big city but have a relative in a rural area, suburb, or small city, you can legally register your car at their address. This can entitle you to a lower price than you could get in a big city.

Many auto insurance companies in Florida also offer driving classes, which may help improve your driving–and lower your rates.

If you’re insuring a teen-age driver, some companies offer a discount to students who have good grades. You will need a copy of your teen’s report card/transcript to prove this.

Another thing to be aware of in Florida is that if you drive an expensive car, you will have expensive auto insurance. If this is a problem, consider downgrading to a cheaper car to qualify for cheaper rates. Also, the age of your car makes a big difference. An older model will cost less to insure.

And if you’re looking at a cheap policy, make sure you know what it contains: Cheap policies can have restrictions that may not be in your best interest.

Keep It Clean

Not only do you need a good driving record to get good auto insurance rates, you should be aware that if your license is suspended, you have to pay stiff fines to get it reinstated. Plus, if your license is revoked, so are your plates and registration.

What About Teenage Drivers?

Florida has a Graduated Driver’s License Program. Teenage drivers do not get full driving privileges until age 18. According to, “GDL laws can reduce crash rates among new teens by 43%.”

While teenagers can be expensive to insure, check with your auto insurance provider to see if they offer a “good grades” discount.

How Do I Compare Rates?

Get on the phone and call around, or get on the internet and just google “Florida auto insurance”. While some advertise auto insurance for only $19-$29 be wary;

You may not qualify for such a low rate, and it may not provide enough coverage.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has a searchable database you can use to get information about insurance companies. It also has comparison tools to help find you the best rate. Plus, has a link to ask a question or file a complaint about an insurance provider.

Because there are so many variables in determining auto insurance rates, none can be quoted here. 

What if I Have a Problem?

Customer service varied dramatically between companies. When reading customer reviews, read a number of them before deciding. One company had several great reviews–but a lot more bad ones.

If an auto insurance company is unwilling to resolve a complaint, you can contact the Better Business Bureau, or

Being an educated consumer is the best way to find a policy that meets your needs, and your budget. Shop around, and ask around to find the best auto insurance policy for you.